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 What is happening in my World

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PostWhat is happening in my World

I've just returned from a trip to visit my Daughter and family! They've purchased this marvelous log cabin! It's a fixer-uper and they are doing a great job doing the fixing uping themselves!! They've done a lot of work, but have a lot left to do and will probably being working on it for many years to come. But it is so nice! It's nestled in the woods and is so peaceful and quiet. The home has so much character and it was such a joy to spend some time there with them.

Back home. Soon we will be testing a final version of Pleasantview and hopefully will be able to release it before the end of August. Also we are just starting the testing of the final version of Autumn Island and that will release at the beginning of Fall.

Working with re-creating all of the builds from the game in Pleasantview (residential and community lots) - I've learned a few new things - how to do some things that I'd never done before AND the fact that I love recreating the old Sims 2 lots. I just finished a recreation of Uni of one of the Dorms that for Sims 3 I made it a "Boarding House" (apartment). I love it!! SO, I now want to recreate all of the dorms from Sims 2 and make them rentals for Sims 3 and plan on uploading them right here on Friendly Simmers. I have one in the works, but will have to get all the world testing done before starting another AND I need to complete some requests that have been on the back burner forever, it seems!! In-between, I will work on this project. I'm thinking it would be so great to have a small world with just these boarding houses in it.

They aren't fancy. I know most people prefer the big mansion style homes all fancied up and beautiful to look at. I find them quite boring. These dorms are definitely not ranked in that category. However, I've found they are so much fun to play!! Anyway - needless to say I'm quite excited about it and really looking forward to sharing them with you here. I may even try to do some of those "Houses" that are in Uni as well - so there will be a nice mix and maybe even one of those fancy mansions!! :cheers:

So I will see you very soon my bfff's!!


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What is happening in my World

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