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 How to install sims3 custom content

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PostSubject: How to install sims3 custom content   Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:53 am

hello to all my fellow friendlysimmers members and (very best friends of friendlysimmers),

here is a small tut on how to install cc the best way to avoid a game freeze when installing cc would be to save your game and return to desktop next open your download folder where you downloaded the cc next open your Sims3 launcher and select the download tab when you have place your download if its a sims3 back in your my document/electronic arts/sims3/download (same process for .package folder but its the mod folder that you select not the old way to install mods.package because of ambition).

voila your new cc is install but i will be lievaing this sticky thread open incase you have question that the staff will answer to the best of ther abilaty and knowledge.
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How to install sims3 custom content
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